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On 24th March 2017, monitoring and documentation of project activities was conducted at Oleba health centre III to document the HUMC activities.

“ I am able to develop work plans and budgets with the committee members, use it to mobilize resource from  the sub county council and district authorities  and we now have a new placenta pit constructed and old one demolished; renovation of the Maternity ward is on-going” said Mr. Ojaku Henry chairman HUMC Oleba Health I enter III.

Oleba Health Centre three (III) is located in Oleba sub county Maracha district. This is one of the facilities PICOT is implementing the ECOPAGA project. Oleba health centre is one of the busiest facilities in Maracha district and has a wider catchment area and this requires an efficient management in handling the day to day or quarterly activities that enhances the smooth running of the facility”, said the HUMC chairperson. As HUMC, “we thank PICOT for their timely intervention through capacity building on the HUMC roles; the three (3) days training for the HUMC helped us a lot in knowing, understanding and doing our work very well.  With this enlightenment, we were very impressed with the HUMC roles and this helped us in doing the various aspects of management such as the planning, budgeting and resource mobilization. The training gave us confidence in handling facility issues through prioritization and joint meetings with staff. We were able to share our work plans with the sub county and lobbed from the council the prioritization of health issues in the sub county plans and budget, as result, we achieved the following: demolished the old Placenta Pit and built a new one, advocated for renovation of the Maternity word and request was approved and renovation is on-going.

All in all, we feel strengthened in our work by the timely intervention of PICOT with its programs such as the capacity building for the HUMC on their roles and also with other programs like the community engagement meetings with leaders. We want to thank you PICOT and your donors for the initiative in Oleba Sub County. Information provided by HUMC chairperson of Oleba HCIII.


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