PICOT joins the rest of Koboko District in Promoting Cocoa Growing

Cocoa is a perennial crop that responds well in rainy tropical areas, with a maximum annual average of 30 – 32ºC. It thrives under shades and in areas with annual rainfall between 1,500mm to 2,000mm.

Recently Koboko district officials launched the growing of Cocoa in the District with the objective of improving farmers’ household incomes and environmental  protection. According to the Secretary Production Koboko District Local Government (KDLG)  Hon. Todoko Issac “Cocoa Unlike Tobacco is more profitable and restores soil fertility and its is an important source of livelihood and employment especially when a farmer plants it on large scale”.

During a Training On Corporate governance and Monitoring & Evaluation for Board members of civil society organizations (CSOs) in koboko district held at the District Council Hall the Secretary asked the CSOs to spread the transformation Agenda during their activities in the communities. he sasid “the Transformation Agenda Needs a Holistic approach and as CSOs you are well placed to do that since you mostly work with the community”. At the end of the Training the CSOs Planted Cocoa seedlings around the district compound as a sign of commitment.

Livelihood and environment is one of the core thematic area of PICOT’s intervention. Currently PICOT is “Promoting youth social Economic Empowerment” through a project that focuses in enhancing the employability skills  of youths with a core focus on enterprises in Onion, Tomato and Passion fruit growing.

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