A voice Heard- Community Access Roads to Dricile HCIII upgraded

It’s been about 12 months since Partners in Community Transformation (PICOT) conducted an engagement meeting at Dricile HCIII, Koboko District (17th November, 2016). The engagement meetings are meant to increase community participation and vigilance in influencing delivery of health services in the facilities. A total of 84 (53M & 31F) community members were in attendance including 9 key duty bearers (Health Unit Management Committee members, secretary social services, one midwife, the sub-county chief, Community Development Officer (CDO), Area councilor, LC III Chairperson, Health Assistant and the LC I of the hosting village).

Community raised several key issues to the duty bearers at Dricile HCIII; of the the highly contentious issues was on the “poor road networks”. The community expressed high concerns on the issue as acclaimed by a resident of Kingaba village: ” our roads have lots of potholes, very bushy most times, muddy during the rainy season and lack of culverts/bridges at critical points…”. A member also added that the poor roads scare them off and make them to travel to Koboko town to access services….”. Duty bearers were put to task to explain to the community why the bad roads and what strategies do they have to address the challenge.

In response, Mr. Achikule Bran the Chairman LC III of Midia Sub County first thanked PICOT for the platform as he said; “…. helps us to jointly identify with community most pressing issues…”. He informed his audience that most of the issues raised in the meeting formed key items in their planning for the Financial Year 2016/17 and added that the sub county has planned to open 7kms new roads and maintain 7kms access roads as well.
Project team kept monitoring progress on the commitment made by the sub county leadership. It was in the month of June 2017 that the project team realized the 7kms road is being maintained and carried out documentation of community voices.

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