1. PICOT aims to support recruited volunteers to the best of its abilities and to act quickly and fairly if any difficulties arise.
  2. PICOT involves volunteers in the running of the organisation and in programmes as it values and understands the unique and invaluable role that volunteers play and the experience and expertise they bring to the work.
  3. PICOT consents that it will continuously provide volunteer opportunities primarily to the relevant study disciplines within its scope that require field exposure and training to volunteers and interns as part of their qualification conditions. However these opportunities may be accessible to volunteers provided that:
    • There is need for volunteers
    • There is adequate financial resources available to accommodate such trainees
    • There are appropriate and qualified mentors available to supervise trainees
    • There are specific or particular duties that can best be executed by volunteers or trainees are available at the organisation.

5. In selecting volunteers, the organisation shall not make selections based on race, belief, colour, place of origin, nationality, sex or age.

PICOT maintains a volunteer policy that supports all recruited volunteers and key organizational staff assigned to volunteers as mentors. With the volunteer programme in place, PICOT wishes to provide work related experience to its volunteers.

The volunteer policy’s mission is: To be able to provide a well-organized and successful volunteer program at PICOT that enhances volunteer’s professional development and experience sharing.”

This policy applies to the following categories of people that are in one way or another may be involved in the PICOT volunteer program:

  1. Volunteer students that have been enrolled onto the PICOT Volunteer program and require field work exposure and training as part of their qualification conditions.
  2. Unemployed graduates or young professionals with appropriate skills required by PICOT but may want to gain some working experience to improve their chances of employability in the labour market.
  3. Volunteers with appropriate skills needed by the organisation but who because of being unemployed would like to serve the organisation on a voluntary basis hoping for employment once opportunities arise.
  4. Graduates qualifying to study further at Masters and PhD levels but need field experience in related disciplines available at PICOT.
  5. Project office heads, mentors, key staff and management directly or indirectly involved in the supervision of the volunteers at PICOT.

Our Volunteers are divided into two categories i.e. the Specialist Volunteers and the General Volunteers.

  1. Specialist Volunteers: These are volunteers who shall have been selected by virtue of their expert knowledge with particular skills as a prerequisite e.g. Lawyer, human rights, media, language skills, IT & T etc.
  2. General Volunteer: General volunteers shall fulfill occasional organisational responsibilities and roles in areas such as; voluntary community services, transport, events ushers etc. where the main prerequisite is the sense of hospitality/ generosity.

Feel free to send us a mail should you be interested in volunteering with us.