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Project Summary:

The project “Skills for Self Reliance for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Koboko District” is aimed at improving the lives of the vulnerable orphans in Koboko Town Council with non-formal vocational skills for self reliance and sustainable lives and families.  The project shall help empower selected OVCS with non-formal vocational skills and creating income generating activities for the selected OVCs to improve their income levels and standard of the living of their families.

The basic skills to be provided for the OVC within the ages of 14 years to 18 years and the skills shall be in Carpentry and Joinery and Tailoring.  The selected OVC trained shall be supported with minimum packages to start income generating activities to improve their livelihoods. The returns realized from the IGAs shall be used by the OVCs to support their families. They shall also be trained in basic entrepreneurship skills that will help them run and manage the IGAs in a sustainable manner. All these efforts are aimed at improving their income levels to prepare them to be responsible people to manage their families.

Many of the OVCs as young as they are, head families with limited skills to generate revenue to run, feed, provide descent shelter, health and education for their family members as many of them did not acquire the required qualification to be employed in the formal employment sectors.

The project will result in to increased household income among OVCs resulting from the outcomes of the income generating activities they will be able to start and manage with the available skills that will be provided for during the trainings and the start up kits provided.

The core skills provided to the OVCs shall be Carpentry and Joinery and Tailoring and Garment cutting. The skills shall be imparted in a non formal manner as they lessons conducted shall basically practical lessons with minimum theories because of the differences in the education background of the beneficiaries.

The project funds shall be used to create a project site with temporary structures put for the carpentry and Joinery wing and the tailoring wing. Equipment shall be procured and used at the training centre to enhance practical skills training. These equipment shall include among others sewing machines for the tailoring wing, tools for the carpentry and other assortments like timber, nails etc for effective practical leaning.

Skilled trainers shall be hired to conduct the training. These skilled personnel shall be invited from the technical schools, workshops and tailoring training institutions within Koboko Town Council. The training shall be done in shifts with a set in the morning while another in the afternoon to allow the trainees access meals and refreshments from their respective homes due to the high costs of providing meals by the project.

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