Institutional Capacity Development

To enhance institutional effectiveness and efficiency, PICOT maintains a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all its employees. We have dedicated, qualified and competent staff and volunteers that diligently execute our day to day operations. To harness the immense potentials in our human resource, an organizational capacity development plan has been developed after a vigorous organizational capacity assessment (OCA) and Pro capacity indexing (ProCap) done with support from our partners like Aga Khan Foundation and Planned Parenthood Global. PICOT capacity has been built by investing in the staff and improving organization policies, systems and procedures, all geared towards nurturing it into a vibrant, relevant and reputable local organization.

Given the growing need for organizations to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment amidst scarce resources, it is prudent that the organization’s technical, logistical and financial mechanisms are mobilized, organized and utilized to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in its undertakings. Therefore, building staff capacities in critical areas of research, financial and programme documentation, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization, networking and partnership and strategic planning over time are essential for the organization’s continued growth, relevance and sustainability.

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