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There is a number of ways you can become a part of us, please explore your options below and we’d be glad to have you onboard!


PICOT recognizes that in order to achieve its goals, it needs to involve volunteers in its work too. Key policy statements underlying the volunteer policy are: PICOT regards volunteers as a valuable resource and encourages them to get involved at all levels of the organisation and within all appropriate activities. Read More


Let's in our partnership together establish key relationships with local & international actors and communities then build on the common interest of the communities we work in. These can be well aligned with our program areas


No donation is too small: Whatever you can give helps us forward plan and dream big how best to make economics for everyone. You can stand up for the community your entire life. Or even longer. Request to Donate today or consider remembering whenever you want to donate.


Our internship Programme offers a wide range of opportunities for eligible students to gain insight in the technical and administrative program areas. We welcome Students from across the world to express interest in specific areas of work.

Full-time job

Find current and full time jobs at our organization and be excited to join the team. We often post opportunities for qualified persons to express interest in working with us on our >>> Opportunities Page


Do you want to fund-raise for projects that benefit the community? Or if you have got some great ideas to raise vital funds for community projects. Get in touch with us using the form below so we can move forward with your idea.

Initiate a conversation with us today!

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